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Child Study Team


The Supervisor of Special Services is responsible for the oversight of the Child Study Team and all of its activities.

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Telephone: 201 567-6151. Please see extensions below:


The Child Study Team is comprised of a Learning Disabilities Consultant, School Social Worker, School Psychologist and two Speech/Language Specialists. These specialists work with students, their parents and teachers to identify student needs and facilitate academic achievement. Needs may include: Language or speech delays or deficits, emotional and social difficulties or reading and math skill deficits.

If your child is having difficulty in school:

    • Keep an open line of communication with your child's teacher
    • Share your concern with your child's teacher
    • Monitor your child's progress on the completion of homework assignments
    • Discuss ideas or strategies with your child's teacher
    • If concerns still remain, you or the teacher may refer your child to the I&RS committee


I & RS

The intervention and referral services (I&RS) committee is a group of individuals who meet to review students who may be experiencing difficulties in school. The I&RS committee is comprised of a Child Study Team Member, Principal, the School Nurse, the parent and any other necessary staff member. The purpose of the I&RS committee is to discuss concerns regarding the student's achievement and determine interventions to facilitate learning. A plan is devised at this meeting and the student's progress is monitored.