Board Goals and District Goals Action




1.  Continue to develop the foreign language immersion program and expand to Grade 7 for 2019-2020, with the curriculum aligned to state standards and implementation of the workshop model to facilitate instructional consistency with ELA and Mathematics.

2.  Develop assessments to support structured implementation of Standards-Based Report Cards and analysis of student data. Develop a communication campaign to ensure that caregivers are aware and understand the new report card. Administration will offer daytime/nighttime clinics for caregivers who have more questions.

3.  Monitor and take steps to remediate potential significant increases in high school tuition charges, and special education costs in the development of future budgets. Schedule quarterly meetings with town liaisons to discuss development projects and then communicate all updates to the Board.

4.  Improve district wide social-emotional learning by successfully implementing targeted professional development on "teacher language" as measured by a pre and post staff survey. Create and implement a "Wellness Day" for staff and students in order to model and enhance district emphasis on social and emotional wellness.



1.  In conjunction with the administration, develop a Long Range Facilities Plan including potential strategies for accommodating future growth in student population.

2.  The board will participate in two professional development programs, with the New Jersey School Boards Association or other appropriate facilitator, to improve the board's governance of Englewood Cliffs Schools.