Board Goals and District Goals Action

1. Advance the work of inclusivity and equity throughout the district. Expand institutional awareness
by incorporating content and methodologies that promote justice and equity for all into the school curriculum. Continue to improve social-emotional learning by implementing a "Wellness Day" for staff and students.
2. Administration and staff will develop a strategic response to assessing and developing appropriate interventions for students when they return from distance learning to close the achievement gaps and/or a strategic plan for continued distance learning.

3. In order to prepare students to excel in the anticipated needs of the future workforce, the district will provide equitable and expanded access to high-quality, standards-based computer science and technological design education, in alignment with the district’s presently existing “Educate to Innovate” initiative.

4. Continue to develop the foreign language program and expand to Grade 8 for 2020-2021, with the curriculum aligned to state standards and implementation of the workshop model to facilitate instructional consistency with ELA and Mathematics.

5. Monitor and take steps to remediate potential significant increases in high school tuition charges, and special education costs in the development of future budgets. Schedule quarterly meetings with town liaisons and potentially other relevant professionals to discuss development projects and then communicate all updates to the Board.
1. In conjunction with the administration, develop a long range strategic plan for accommodating future sudden large growth in student population.
2. In conjunction with the administration, formulate a plan to educate the board and community in the areas of equality, equity, and justice.