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Specific Guidelines for Creating Absences

in the Englewood Cliffs School District


1. Employees must enter absences through Aesop, even if their position does not require a sub. Employees may not enter an absence after 7 am. After that time, the absence must be entered by the secretary or supervisor or call your supervisor.


2. Employees may call absences in to Aesop, but can only call them in up to 30 days in advance. Aesop Phone Number 800-942-3676. Please use the phone line if you do not have internet access to Aesop

Absences can be entered more than 30 days in advance by logging in to the Aesop website. 


3. The District Office will enter all FMLA and long-term absences in Aesop. Long-Term absences will not be entered until the superintendent decides on the sub to be assigned,and the sub will be manually assigned through Aesop by the District Office.

4. Aesop will not allow an absence to be entered for a day on which the District is closed. When the District is closed for a snow day, the day will be entered as closed in Aesop. All affected absences for the day will be canceled and subs will be removed as well. All subs are notified of this job cancellation via email (if they have an email address in Aesop) and by web notification on their Aesop website. 

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If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Aesop Administrator: Lauren Langschultz