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District Information

The Englewood Cliffs School District is a culturally diverse Pre-K through 8 school district consisting of two schools, the North Cliff School (Grades Pre-K – 2) and the Upper School (Grades 3 – 8). Our Board of Education, administration, staff, parents and community, all support the excellent educational programs that are offered in our school district. It is through this teamwork that Englewood Cliffs continues to maintain an excellent reputation for providing exceptional programming to our students, and through this teamwork, we will continue to excel.

     We have made significant progress toward our mission and we continue to provide our best efforts  to achieve the mission.

The mission of the Englewood Cliffs School District is to strive for excellence in the academic, personal/social, and creative development of each individual student. This is accomplished through the positive collaboration of our entire school learning community.

The educational community will create a safe, nurturing environment that honors the cultural diversity of our students and our society. Our students will develop character and moral values that help them become productive members of our society. The education family will develop responsible citizens that will respect and take pride in our national heritage.

     Continuous improvement of our schools is paramount. To that end, we have implemented several new initiatives that will provide the necessary infrastructure and will improve the delivery of instruction.

     We are a district that offers a 1 to 1 computer tablet initiative to our 6th, 7th and 8th graders. This program  the  offers many opportunities for our students and staff to explore, examine, learn and develop the technological skill set needed to be successful in the 21st century. Our intent is to expand this initiative to our students in grades 3 through 5 for the near future.

     Through our technology improvements we continue to strengthen the infrastructure needed to meet the requirements of these advanced technologies. We are in process of developing a virtualized environment that will allow our students and staff to have access to our district programs and applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We utilize the SMART technology and will have all classrooms equipped with this technology in a wireless environment throughout the district. All of our classrooms have computers with Internet access and both schools are equipped with state-of-the-art computer labs. Extensive staff development has been a crucial component to the success of our instructional technology implementation. The Englewood Cliffs PTA continues to generously support our technology program.

     The entire curriculum of the school district in all subject areas has been completely rewritten by our teachers within the last five years and reflects the requirements of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Our current curriculum initiatives include: the implementation of a more advanced curriculum management and planning system; updated text materials for our 6-8 grades Social Studies program; and revisions to our Mathematics program at grades 6, 7, and 8 to reflect the revised New Jersey Standards. In addition, we continue to provide staff development in the areas of brain compatible instruction, differentiated learning, problem-based learning, and infusing technology into the curriculum.

     The educational community creates a safe and nurturing environment that honors the cultural diversity of our students and our society. Many school-based activities support the celebration of the various ethnic backgrounds of the student body. Through the celebration of this diversity, the educational family strives to develop responsible citizens that will respect and take pride in their national heritage.

     Our district is proud of its inclusive special education program that supports the needs of all of its classified students. The district has recently implemented a full day Pre-Kindergarten Inclusive Program to service our general education, special needs and autistic students. These two programs enable us to educate our Pre-Kindergarten special needs students in district. Our gifted and talented program also provides our students with an enriched curriculum filled with intellectual rigor.

     Partnerships with colleges and universities enhance the offerings for teachers and students. The Englewood Cliffs School District enjoys an active partnership with Montclair University's Professional Resources in Science and Mathematics (PRISM) Program. This partnership has led to our involvement in the Creative University-School Partnerships (CUSP) Program, an innovative initiative that has enhanced our mathematics and science programs.

     Our culturally rich diversity, our positive school atmosphere, and the enthusiasm of our Board of Education, teachers, students, Parent-Teacher Association, parents, and community combine to make Englewood Cliffs Public Schools an exemplary school district.