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US Staff

Englewood Cliffs

Upper School Staff and Faculty


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Chief School Administrator
Jennifer Brower, Ed.D.
201-567-6151 ext 222
District Principal    
Colin Winch
201-567-6151 ext 238
Supervisor of Curriculum
and Instructional Support
Jaclyn Auriemma
201-567-6151 ext 487
Supervisor of Special Services/Social Worker
Dawn Smith
201-567-6151 ext 225
Secretary -Main Office
Addys Valdes
201-567-6151 ext 210
Lauren Cortinas
201-567-6151 ext 211
Grade 3    
Lauren Rodriguez    
Grade 3    
Phylis Shapiro    
Grade 3    
Donna Smith    
Grade 4    
Christine Torticill    
Grade 4    
Kyle Gansel    
Grade 4    
Inyong Park    
Grade 4 Inclusion Teacher    
Grade 5/6 Social Studies
Michelle Torregrossa    
Grade 5 ELA    
Janet Poon    
Grades 5 Math    
Andrew Meneilly    
Grades 5/6 Science    
Grade 5 Inclusion Teacher
Grade 6 Language Arts
Christina Senackerib    
Grade 6 Math    
Marylin Narcisi    
Grade 6 Inclusion Teacher
Grade 7 Language Arts
Jaime Plitnick    
Grade 7 Math    
Alfred Gallo    
Grade 7/8 Social Studies
Doug Klein    
Grades 7/8 Science    
Melissa Lorenc    
Grade 7 Inclusion Teacher
Casey McGinley    
Grade 8 Language Arts    
Chang Lee    
Grade 8 Math    
Matthew Corrado    
Grade 8 Inclusion Teacher
Monica Cote    
Special Ed Pull-Out Teacher    
Brooke Paskas -Math    
Brook Lehrer -ELA    
General Music Glee
Tara Adrignola    
General Music/Band
Jason Wysocki    
Elise Andersen    
Thom Kievit    
Physical Education/Health
Andrea Lupica -US    
Paige DeFelice    
Educate to Innovate
Eleanor Stamenov    
US Nurse    
Tatiana Vedra 201-567-6151 ext.215  
Special Services Department Secretary    
Wanda Vitellaro 201-567-6151 ext.213  
School Psychologist
Stephanie DePiano 201-567-6151 ext. 229  
Lisa Habersaat    
School Counselor    
Shaina Doshi 201-567-6151 ext 232  
Elena Danetz- Gold    
Nancy Nicolardi    
Basic Skills    
Stephanie Que - Reading Specialist
Silvana Feggelle - Math Specialist
Behavior Specialist/Teacher    
Jennifer LaRosa    
Liz Nilo - Spanish
ESP's UpperSchool    
Erin Kelly    
Laura Quinton    
Building & Grounds Supervisor
201-567-6151 ext.217  
Mike Di Iorio     
Ken Askew    
Floyd Harley