Board of Education Agenda and Minutes » District Goals

District Goals


1. Administration will advance and regulate School Culture efforts through the development and implementation of monthly positive character based themes. Themes will follow a specific positive character trait (ex. respect, kindness, honesty), with dialogue and activities coordinated throughout each month. Activities to include: team building, to engage with one another and build morale (chess, science, math, etc.)

2. In anticipation of the current Go Math contract expiring, administration and staff will research the math program that best meets the needs of the district.

3. Monitor and take steps to remediate potential significant increases in high school tuition charges, and special education costs in the development of future budgets. Schedule quarterly meetings with town liaisons and potentially other relevant professionals to discuss development projects and then communicate all updates to the board.

4. Building on existing partnerships and progress in student wellness, provide appropriate and timely parent education on focused wellness topics to reflect the efforts within the school buildings and meet individuals’ diverse social-emotional needs.

5. Administration and staff will lead the research and development of the redesign of the technology lab at North Cliff School to meet the evolving curricular needs and the advancement of students.