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North Cliff School
The North Cliff School provides challenging academic and social programs for students in Pre -Kindergarten through grade 2. Excellent parent support and communication with staff contributes to a climate where learning becomes a meaningful experience due to the common understanding that different learning styles exist and must be addressed. Staff and parents are dedicated to the goal of ensuring all students are able to access curricula.
     In an effort to enhance the districts commitment to providing quality education to meet the needs of its diverse community, a Pre - K Inclusive Program has been added at North Cliff. This program fosters language development, gross and fine motor skills, school readiness, and social interaction.
     Small class sizes and grade level common preparation times enhance the implementation of the districts web based curricula, Writers Workshop and a standards-based mathematics program. These initiatives are supported by a well-trained staff that facilitates differentiated instruction in our classrooms so that all students needs may be met within the general education setting. Special education services, speech and language therapy are also provided for those who require them to access the general education curriculum.
     Students are encouraged to read for enjoyment through the Accelerated Reading Program. Students choose the books they want to read from an extensive library that matches their reading levels. The students move to different levels once they have successfully completed several assessments. Student successes are celebrated with bi-monthly assemblies.
     In addition to the regularly scheduled art classes, second grade students work in small groups to develop year-long projects and individual works for a permanent collection and spring art exhibit. The North Cliff students are actively involved in the year end Related Arts initiative.
     North Cliff School student body is comprised of diverse ethnic groups. Throughout the school year, the students are exposed to the many cultures by participating in programs and events sponsored by community groups. These partnerships have contributed to the development of positive relationships among the students, staff and parents. A Class of the Month and School Spirit Week was initiated to instill school spirit and pride in the students work. The teachers also engage in transitional workshops throughout the school year to better understand the curriculum of the grades below and above their present teaching.
     North Cliff Schools positive educational climate is attributed to the importance placed on the relationships between students, staff, parents and administrators. Excellent communication dedicated to student academic and social growth has made the North Cliff School an integral part of the community.