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District Administration



Jennifer Brower, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

201-567-6151 ext 235

 Mrs. Siobhan Tauchert

Principal of North Cliff School and Upper School

 201-567-6151 ext 232

Ms. Sue Anne Mather

Business Administrator/ Board Secretary

201-567-6151 ext 223

Ms. Nicole Ferlise 

Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction

201-567-6151 ext 219

Mr. Colin Winch

Supervisor of Guidance

201-567-6151 ext 238

Mrs. Dawn Smith

Supervisor of Special Education

201-567-6151 ext 225

Mr. Donovan Ferguson

District IT- Computer Technician

201-567-6151 ext 284

Ms. Frances Estevez

Executive Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools

201-567-6151 ext 235

Ms. Ilene Cohen

BOE District Secretary/Trans. Coordinator/Student Information Systems Analyst

201-567-6151 ext 218