Elise Andersen

Hi everyone! I truly hope you and your family are healthy and well.  Take care of each other!
Moving forward, after spring break, please refer to my Google Classroom for your GATE work goals and activities.  Please join by April 8th using the code 4tlkufg. Please check Google Classroom regularly when we are up and running as I will want to set up some  Zoom Meeting time to connect visually.  I miss seeing you in person!  
If you have any questions you can always reach me by email at [email protected].  I am here to help you!!
My office hours are:  Wed., Thurs., Friday 9-10 AM; 12-1 PM.
All my best,
Mrs. Andersen
Dear 4th grade GATE students,
I hope this message finds you all well!  
Below are the work goals for the next 3/4 weeks.  Please keep in touch via email or Google Docs (create a doc and share it with me with your message typed within)
1. Go to BrainPop:  www.brainpop.com user name: upperschool; password: ecliffs
2. Search for "Flight" and watch video
3. Go to the "Vocabulary" icon - Define flight-related terms & use in a sentence; ADD 4-new terms learned (define & use in sentence).  You can add terms we viewed and discussed from the Understanding Flight Video if you need to.
4.  Flip the 4-new terms you created and take a picture - share with me.  Create a Google Doc.  Name it:  Your Name (first and last name) Flight.  Share with me at [email protected] .  Place your pictures and related-work in that one document. Every time you update that document, RE-SHARE with me.  I will get an email notification and will jump on the document to review your work and add any related comments.
5.  Go to "Worksheet" icon - Complete: Label & Color (Label only); and Identify It : Pictures - compare & contrast activity.  Print out if possible; take a picture and send to me.
6.  Go to "Challenge" icon - Do the Review & then the "Graded".  Take a picture of your score.  Share picture in Google Doc.  Make corrections where needed. 
7.  When you are done create a short creative video showing what you've learned.  Write a script and perform.  Be a news reporter.  Interview a family member.  Maybe they are packing for a trip to ........Ask them some questions.  See if they understand how the plane & all their luggage actually gets off the ground!  Like the reporters on tv, ask them questions and then inform them of the answers. Dress up like a news reporter; make a microphone and props.  HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!! Then share your video with me.
8.  Due dates:  Share the work as you go along.  The video should be submitted no later than Friday April 10th.
Remember:  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
Miss you TONS!
My office hours are:  Wed. Thurs. Friday 9-10; 12-1.  Email me with any questions you may have at [email protected]