Ed Minkler 4th Grade - PE

4th Grade - PE Google Classroom Code = contact me via email
4th Grade Virtual PE Education
Hello 4th Graders, Parents and Guardians,
For the next two weeks we are going to go virtual.  You will be given assignments and will be asked to do work based off of the assignments.
The following is a list of objectives of our virtual PE time.
As per the curriculum:
- Use body management skills and demonstrate control when moving in relation to others, objects, and boundaries in personal and general space.
-Participate in moderate to vigorous age-appropriate activities that address each component of health-related and skill-related fitness
-Develop a health-related fitness goal and track progress using health/fitness indicators.
The plan is as follows each day you have PE class.
- Log onto Google Classroom the days you have PE class and follow the directions listed.
Office Hours -
M-F 10:00-11:00 am and 1:00-2:00 pm.
Each day your assignment will show up on Google Classroom.
-You are expected to submit your work on Google Classroom by the end of the day it was assigned.
Stay safe and have fun during your workout.