Elise Andersen

Hi everyone! I truly hope you and your family are healthy and well.  Take care of each other!
Moving forward, after spring break, please refer to my Google Classroom for your GATE work goals and activities.  Please join by April 8th using the code pz4jrmx. Please check Google Classroom regularly when we are up and running as I will want to set up some  Zoom Meeting time to connect visually.  I miss seeing you in person!  
If you have any questions you can always reach me by email at [email protected].  I am here to help you!!
My office hours are:  Wed., Thurs., Friday 9-10 AM; 12-1 PM.
Don't forget to review below as well.
All my best,
Mrs. Andersen
Please review carefully - again - and submit to me.  Work goals below were due by 4/3.
Dear 6th grade GATE Students,
How are you?  I hope this message finds you well.
Here are our work goals for the next 3 weeks of school. Work roughly 1 hour each week to follow our 1/2 day schedule.
Mars Research - Use the outline provided in class and visit ALL of the earmarked sources provided; additionally, you must use JPL and NASA websites as directed in class to research Opportunity, Spirit, Curiosity, Insight, and the future mission of Perseverance (just named last week!).  You have time to extend your research - so make sure you do. You should enter MORE than 7 sources.   Did you use a book to round out your resources? 
2.  You must have entered each source as a citation on your NoodleTools Account and included a Notecard for each.
3.  Review your Notecards carefully for spelling, punctuation etc. I will be logging in to review your work.
4.  On a piece of white paper, sketch a rover design with 3-wheels.  What might it look like based on your extensive research? Color it. Name it.  Take a picture of your design and share it with me in a Google Doc.  Name it: Your Name MARS and insert the picture in the doc.  Then share the doc with me.
5.  Submit Mars/Earth Compare & Contrast chart by taking a picture and including it in the Google doc for #4.
6. Due by Friday April 3rd.
Continued to reach high and commit to work goals.   I miss you!
My very best,
Mrs. Andersen
If you have any questions you may reach me by email at [email protected].
My office hours are:  Wed., Thurs., Friday 9-10 AM; 12-1 PM.