Thomas Kievit

Please follow normal classroom procedures for your technology class. During virtual learning, your technology class meets for 30 minutes ONCE per week. Per your school schedule when you have technology class go to your technology class link in your Google Classroom account. As normal, this will provide you with access to your lesson guide. As usual, there you will have access to:
  • any new instruction
  • any news (upcoming quizzes, projects, tests, and other scheduled events)
  • lesson directions
  • any links to practice quizzes, pages, websites, Docs, etc. needed to complete the lesson
Some students or classes may receive different directions, lesson guides, or messages than others. This is also a normal routine. Be sure to utilize the full 30 minutes of class to complete your work since it is being monitored and will be updated in Genesis. No one is expected to be perfect, just do your personal best.
Office Hours for email or Google Classroom messaging (you can direct message me within individual assignments):
9:00 - 10:00 am and 12:00 - 1:00 pm, M-F >preferably on the day your technology class meets
NOTE: Assignment or Grade-related messages will be replied to as soon as possible, based upon the workload at any given time.