Elise Andersen

Hi everyone! I truly hope you and your family are healthy and well.  Take care of each other!
Moving forward, after spring break, please refer to my Google Classroom for your GATE work goals and activities.  Please join by April 8th using the code UM5h3bl. Please check Google Classroom regularly when we are up and running as I will want to set up some  Zoom Meeting time to connect visually.  I miss seeing you in person!  
If you have any questions you can always reach me by email at [email protected].  I am here to help you!!
My office hours are:  Wed., Thurs., Friday 9-10 AM; 12-1 PM.
All my best,
Mrs. Andersen
Dear 5th grade GATE Students,
How are you?  I hope this message finds you well.
Here are our work goals for the next 4 weeks of school. 
1. Continue to follow our reading and work schedule related to our Sacajawea unit.
2.  Respond thoughtfully in writing in your Google Doc that has been shared with me.  I will continue to review work and make comments.  Please review and edit where necessary.
3.  When reading / writing goals are complete do the following:
4.  Go to Brainpop.com.  Search for Lewis & Clark and view video.
5.  Go to "Vocabulary" icon - flip, define, & write word in sentence; ADD 4 new terms, define & write in sentence. Take a picture.
6.  Go to "Worksheet" icon -and complete; print take a picture and send to me at [email protected]
7. Go to "Challenge" icon - and answer the questions.  How did you do? Correct any questions needed.  
8. Go to "Quiz" icon - answer questions and select Email Your Results option at bottom of page - email me.
9.  Due dates for 4-8 : submit as you complete or at the latest by April 10th.
Remember how challenging the expedition was for the Corps of Discovery? Imagine how tough it was for Sacajawea to travel with a baby while surviving the rigors of the outdoors with no hotel in sight? We can learn so much about perseverance and resourcefulness from examples in history - from these REAL people.  Our challenges are little in comparison. 
Continue to reach high!  I miss you all.
Mrs. Andersen
If you have any questions you may reach me by email at [email protected].
My office hours are:  Wed., Thurs., Friday 9-10 AM; 12-1 PM.