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(SEPAG) Special Education Parent Advisory Group

Englewood Cliffs Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG)
Our SEPAG Mission:   The Englewood Cliffs’ SEPAG is a state-mandated, parent led organization which works collaboratively with our school district leadership.   We offer the opportunity to raise questions, voice concerns and provide direct input relating to system-level challenges in an effort to ensure the delivery of appropriate services for children who are different learners.  Our goal is to improve outcomes for all children receiving special education services and support.
 Function of SEPAG:
*  To provide direct input on the policies, programs, and practices that affect services and supports for students who are different learners.  
*  To increase the involvement of families of children with special needs in school activities. 
*  To advise on issues that affect the education, health, and safety of students with special needs.

*  An advocacy group, which focuses on upholding rights for children and advocating for change from outside the system;
*  A limited campaign dedicated to addressing a single issue or immediate concern;
*  A Special Education PTA or Educational Foundation, which might plan carnivals, classroom activities, dances, fundraisers, or other events.

Wednesday, 11/1/2023 - The Englewood Cliffs Special Education Parents Advocacy Group is an organization committed to working together with the Englewood Cliffs educators and district leadership on addressing issues concerning special education and related services.  On 11/1/23, the organization welcomed guest speakers, Ms. Shaina Doshi and Mrs. Stephanie DePiano, to share their knowledge and expertise on the topics of Mental Health and Anxiety. Within this presentation, Ms. Doshi and Mrs. DePiano discussed the prevalence of these issues, reviewed the signs and symptoms, and shared strategies for supporting students both at school and in the home. Attendees were also given the chance to speak about the specific challenges they face in an open forum and receive suggestions and advice from these two professionals.


HERE is a link to the PowerPoint for your review. 


The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 24th at 7PM in the Upper School Media Center. District Behavior Specialist, Mrs. Jennifer LaRosa will be offering a Parent Coaching session to address common behavior concerns in children.