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Dear Englewood Cliffs School Community Members,
Summer is over and our schools are open. So many wonderful things are happening. I look forward to beginning the next phase of my career in such a wonderful district. Education is so important in our lives. In fact, recently I listened to a young child describe going to school as a life changing experience. When questioned why so bold a statement was made, he explained that it was as though each year he would meet new people and see strange faces. He elaborated on this idea by saying that’s what life is about. Each day of life you see something new and meet different people.


So, as this young boy expresses, excitement is around us. Please share your experiences with your child; encourage them to speak with you and embrace their opinions. That is what education is about. It is about us all sharing our ideas together. This creates a true learning community.


Please remember that I am always available for any questions you may have. Enjoy your children and enjoy our schools!




Robert L. Kravitz

Superintendent of Schools 
(201) 567-6151
Last Modified on October 6, 2014